Allotment Shop
Shop opening times Saturdays and Sundays from 10.30 - 12.00.
9. Gardening Gloves 10. Shed maintenance materials.
7. Seasonal items Potatoes Onions Shallots Garlic 8. Watering cans
4. Ground Cover Black Plastic Weed suppressant Meshes/Netting 5. Canes 6. Tools (New & Used)
1. A range of seeds 2.Compost (see below) 3. Fertilizers Blood, Fish and Bone Growmore Lime
How to find the HwDAA Shop. The shop is located on our Alderman Moore’s site. When the shop is open, the gates to the site are always open. There is plenty of car parking and the Number 24a bus goes past the site. This map shows were the Alderman Moore site is located just off Ashton Drive. (Takes you to the Bristol City Council website)
Our philosophy is that we are not a garden centre (but we are cheaper than most). Our aim is to stock just essential gardening items. Our top ten are:
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The shop is now open on Saturdays and Sundays 10:30 - 12:00. We’re not open Wednesdays at the moment. We have put in place measures to reduce risk of COVID - 19 infection and protect customers and volunteers following Government and Horticultural Trade Association (HTA) guidance. We are asking shop customers to do the following: consider the volunteers without whom the shop would not be open wear a face covering in the shop queue outside at 2m distance down the hauling way check there are 2 customers only in the shop, ensure there is 1 person only at the tlll have correct money or pay by bank transfer (some change will be available ; we accept cheques) if possible, avoid bringing a car on site If a car is essential please observe the one way system. be patient
Links to local Garden Centres
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Compost We are moving to a new system of sourcing and distributing compost: Peat free; no plastic bags; locally sourced: Green Waste Compost This compost is intended as a general purpose soil improver and can be used for all your typical growing needs such as planting out, mulching and soil conditioning. Specific products like seed compost or ericaceous will still be stocked at seasonal times as usual. This Green Waste Compost is certified as good for use on allotments and gardens. It is made from Bristol and Bath green waste. It has a typical NPK value of 7; 3; 2.5 It is available at the moment from the shop, £4 per bag, £10 for 3 bags. We hope to have the bulk product available at each site over the coming months, for distribution /pick up in your own wheel barrows. Why we no longer sell compost containing peat..