Butterfly survey 2018
The BS3 Wildlife Group has been working hard to identify butterflies and other wildlife on various locations in the area, including Alderman Moore’s allotments. The Group is keen to enlist the help of more ‘observers’ on our other allotment sites, so if you would like to take part, please read on. The process is quite simple. Observers need to note down what they see and when they see it and then send in the results, probably in October. The more people involved, the greater the chance of spotting butterflies. If possible, please take photographs. Of course, people are free to spot other things as well, such as snails, moths, dragonflies, hedgehogs, slow worms, or whatever comes along and takes their fancy. The BS3 Wildlife Group aims to produce another report for 2018. The Group is working with several expert organisations, such as Avon Wildlife Trust and will be producing a simple ‘How to’ guide for observers, probably in February or March. People will soon learn to distinguish the various species that are likely to appear. The Group has found that children are particularly quick to learn and join in. If you are interested in taking part in the wildlife survey, please contact Ben Barker at: MyWildBedminster@virginmedia.com
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