Covid-19 Advice
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Advice issued 23rd March 2020 In order to keep the allotments as safe havens that produce food over the next months we are asking tenants the following: Please support and consider other tenants at all times Please observe all the social distancing guidelines (2 metres distance from everyone apart from those from your household) Please don't bring visitors on to the site. Please keep the gate code to plot holders and helpers. Don't share the gate code with anyone. Keep hands and tools out of the tanks. We will try and get the water turned on so that fresh, clean water is available for hand washing Try to open the gates with gloves or fabric and, if you have any, clean with hand sanitiser afterwards. If you have any symptoms please stay away from the allotments and observe the recommended periods of quarantine before returning. Very importantly, we are anticipating that many people will take advantage of the fact that allotments remain open. This will put pressure on the car parks. If possible, and within the guidelines, please; walk (alone or in household groups) or cycle. where possible park outside the site. if carparks are crowded or full please ensure turning spaces are left clear. The National Allotment Association sets out similar advice via the link below Further advice issued 26 March 2020 The National Allotment Society has updated its advice following statements from the government. It now says:"as we understand the situation at the moment it is still permitted to visit your plot, ideally on your own to take daily exercise". The rest of the advice remains the same and can be found via the link above. Some tenants, particularly the many older or vulnerable HwDAA members, are concerned about children and young people on site. We are asking all parents and guardians who need to bring children to be responsible for ensuring they also rigorously observe social distancing and remain on their own plot.  Please consider your allotment neighbours and keep your distance.  Advice from Council allotment office 29 March 2020 We know allotments are a good way for many people to exercise, so we are keeping them open for now. Toilets, shops, communal spaces and shared tool storage sheds on site will be shut. Allotments are for the cultivation of crops and not to be used as an alternative playground. Please keep to the Government guidelines concerning social distancing and stay away if you or a member of your household have symptoms of the virus. Do not use the water troughs to wash your hands. Regards Janet