Comittee work
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Some of what your committee have achieved over the last 12 years.

Built shop and fitted out (in house) Re-fenced the entire length of the boundary with Silbury Road gardens. Bought strimmers for every site. Installed toilets in shop block Installed cesspit tank. Introduced web site. Established a Facebook page. Encouraged bee keepers on a number of sites Created car parks in BA & MD Installed compost loos in KL1, MD, WC, AM Introduced electronic despatch of invoices. Introduced electronic application for plots Introduced electronic Tenancy Agreements. Repaired KL1 walls Repaired MD walls Fitted new gates on all sites. Got rid of keys for gates and introduced combination locks on all sites. Provided regular newsletters. Introduced an environmental policy Bought motor mowers and other equipment for all sites. Completely replaced the water supply on every site with new tanks etc. Established an expenses forecast covering one or two years ahead Celebrated the 100 year anniversary by organising leaflets and distributing them with invoices (2017) Completely rebuilt website for anniversary. Kept rents below council levels. Fitted solar panels and supporting supply in shop. Fitted electric cash register in shop. Made endless decisions re structure requests. Organised beginners work shops Organised Cream Tea Events Organised potato days. Repaired and replaced WC fencing Re-surfaced hauling ways on many sites including AM Provided new containers on most sites. Installed badger proof fence in KL1 annex. There were many other repairs and replacements of fencing and security on all sites too many to list. Started shed replacement programme. Yearly site inspections using committee members Routine activities including monthly committee meetings, accounts, dealing with break ins, insurance matters, deciding on potato and seeds purchases. Organising replacement people for the shop and other duties