Environmental Policy
Introduction:    We   recognise   that   our   organisation,   through   its   members’   use   of   their   allotments   and   its   committee’s   decisions, has    an    impact    on    the    environment    and    that    we    have    a    responsibility    to    reduce    negative    impact    on    the environment   as   much   as   possible.   However   it   is   understood   that   plot   holders   shall   be   able   to   garden   in   the   way that   they   want,   though   always   subject   to   the   terms   of   the   Tenancy   Agreement,   and   provided   this   does   not interfere   with   other   people’s   use   of   their   allotments.We   also   recognise   that   knowledge   of   what   practices   are   best for   the   environment   changes   as   scientific   research   develops,   and   that   we   must   keep   an   open   mind   and   keep   up to date with new developments. Policy aims: The committee will manage the allotment society in a way that: 1.1 takes into account the effect on the environment when making decisions 1.2 creates a wider understanding of how allotment related activity can affect the environment 1.3 encourages our members to use their allotments with minimum negative impact on the environment 1.4 promotes high standards of environmentally friendly gardening. Implementation: To achieve its aims, HWDAA will: 2.1 hand a starter pack to each new tenant containing information about good practice. 2.2 draw members’ attention to courses they can attend, and other sources of information, which promote environmentally friendly methods of gardening. 2.3 raise issues of environmental concern through its newsletter and, where relevant, by notices at each site / in its buildings. 2.4 use renewable, recycled and recyclable products in committee-run activities where possible. 2.5 through its stores, sell products that are environmentally friendly where possible. Members will have a choice. 2.6 encourage members to minimise waste and wherever possible, recycle or reuse materials; to dispose of any waste safely and responsibly. 2.7 discourage members from making bonfires and other practices which pollute the atmosphere. 2.8 encourage members to use environmentally friendly gardening techniques such as composting, using manure, bark chippings, mulches. 2.9 encourage members to save and use water responsibly through use of rainwater collection and storage,irrigation and planting techniques, soil preparation and management, and choice of plants. 2.10 encourage members to use environmentally friendly products. Promoting and monitoring the policy: HWDAA, through its committee, will promote and monitor this policy 3.1 by communicating the environmental policy to all members. 3.2 by considering how the HWDAA currently manages water, waste, and product purchasing issues, in the light of environmental concerns, and then developing an Action Plan to improve any aspects it sees fit. 3.3 by appointing a member of the committee (a) to keep abreast of developments affecting the environment, (b) to raise matters of environmental concern, insofar as they have not been dealt with in the Committee’s normal deliberations (c) to provide support and guidance to plot holders who ask for advice on implementing the policy.
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