National Allotment Society - tenants liability insurance - further information. Q4. How will I contract into the Insurance scheme? A Individuals will need to give prmission to the Association to contract into the scheme on your behalf. Your name, address and email address will be passed to the NAS and then to Shield; you will receive personal confirmation that you are a part of the Scheme from Shield. HwDAA Note - See previous question. Q5. Will I have to contract in each year? A. Yes, like any insurance it will be renewed on an annual basis. HwDAA Note: This will be arranged via the regular yearly update of Tenahts that the Treasurer sends to the NAS in October when our NAS membership is renewed. Q6. Can I be insured if I want to opt out of receiving any contact from Shield? A. Yes, under the new General Data Protection Regulations, you will have to be asked about contact and to respond positively. Shield will of course send you details of the Allotmenteers Liability Insurance Scheme which you have already contracted into. Q7. Will I be covered if someone injures themeselves on my plot when I am not there? A. You will be covered once you have contracted into the Scheme, either via an Association or as an individual member after the 29th March 2018 when the policy takes effect. Q8. Do I still need Public Liability Insurance for the Allotment Site? A. Yes you do if you are a self-managed site and are responsible for maintenance. If you are a direct let site this will be the Landlord’s responsibility. HwDAA Note: The Association has always had Public Liability Insurance and will continue to do so. If you have any further questions about this insurance, contact the Treasurer who will pass on your query to the NAS if the question cannot be answered directly.
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