Rent discounts
If you have any queries about rent discounts, contact the HwDAA Treasurer.
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Discount for 25 Years’ tenure A 50% discount is given by the Association for tenants who have had a plot for 25 years or more. If the tenant has more than one plot which qualifies, the discount is only applied to one of those plots. This will be for the largest plot if the tenant has a medium / small plot and a large plot. Please note: Spouses / partners may inherit the time discount, other family members may not. This discount will cease to be available to tenants achieving their 25 years after 30 September 2022. No new discounts will be given after that date but existing discounts will be unaffected. Discount for those in receipt of Benefits A 50% discount is given to tenants who are in receipt of certain Government benefits. Starting with the year 2021-22, in order to claim a discount you must be in receipt of Council Tax Reduction (this does not apply to single occupant discount or student discount) or Universal Credit or any of the six benefits that are being transferred into Universal Credit. These are Child Tax Credit Housing Benefit Income Support Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance Income-related Employment and Support Allowance Working Tax Credit If you qualify for this discount, you need to apply each year to the Treasurer before the 1st August with evidence that you personally are in receipt of the relevant benefit.
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