HwDAA Rules
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HwDAA Rules - background Our Association like most other Allotment organisations of our size is controlled by a number of rules, laws and agreements. For example, there's the Allotment Acts, the Financial Conduct Authority rules for Mutual Societies, Data Protection law, the requirements of our Insurance policy etc. To simplify lets group them up and call them "Legislation". Your Tenancy Agreement encapsulates the requirements of Legislation as it applies to you the tenants of our Association. To meet further requirements of Legislation, there is another set of rules under which we operate called "The Rules" - unsurprisingly. These are required to ensure that we are treated as a genuine mutual society as defined by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They are not generally published since they really only affect the Committee. For example they state how your Committee is constituted, how we conduct, control and audit our finances, what constitutes a quorum at meetings etc. However, these Rules do have to be approved by a quorum of members of the association if and when they are changed in any way. The current version of our Rules was written in 2000 as far as I can tell. In many ways they do not reflect how we conduct ourselves today. For example, it talks of "committeemen" when it actually means the committee members (male and female). The Rules take no account of how we use electronic communication and documentation in today's management of the association and many other smaller changes that have taken place over the intervening period since they were written. Nevertheless, they have stood the test of time and whilst the phrasing of various clauses is a bit archaic their intention and content can be easily interpreted. Utimately, we intend to update the wording in various places to more easily reflect what happens now, You can read a copy of our current rules which be downloaded by clicking this image. It’s a PDF file in new tab: