Shed repair & replacement
The HwDAA Tenancy Agreement states that tenants are responsible for the maintenance of plot sheds and that these must be kept in a good state of repair. The expectation is that tenants carry out routine repairs at their own expense: painting on a regular basis with suitable timber preservative; re-felting as and when necessary; replacing missing/rotten wood panelling and roof end timbers. For its part, the Association accepts that many of its sheds are old and in need of either major repairs or complete replacement, so the purpose of this policy is to explain the various processes to be followed when a shed either needs significant repairs or complete replacement.

A. In cases where the shed can be repaired

1. The Tenant offers to carry out the repairs. After approval by the site rep and the production of the necessary receipts, HwDAA will reimburse the tenant the cost of the materials, provided the repairs are carried out to a satisfactory standard. If the tenant requires assistance with the repairs, s/he can either enlist help (voluntary or paid), or use and pay a person recommended by the Allotment Association. 2. The Association agrees to repair the shed. After agreement with the site rep, the Association will arrange for the shed to be repaired and then charge the tenant a reasonable sum for this work. NB Where the shed is shared by two tenants each with a half plot, the cost of repairs or replacement must be met on an even basis, unless one tenant is happy to bear the full or majority cost. B. In cases where it is agreed that the shed needs to be replaced 1. The Tenant offers to replace the shed. After approval by the site rep, the tenant purchases a shed of the required standard (see below), erects it and removes the remains of the old shed. Provided the shed is of a suitable standard, the Association will reimburse the tenant the purchase price of the shed. The shed then becomes the property of the Association. 2. In exceptional circumstances, as follows, the Association may decide to replace a shed: -where the tenant has just taken over the plot and the shed is deemed to be in such a poor and/or dangerous condition that it cannot be repaired; - or where the plot is vacant and the above condition applies. Due to the marked increase in the price of timber/sheds, from May 2014 the one-off rental charge for new tenants will be: • £30.00 for a shed • £15.00 for the share of a shed situated on two half plots. Required standard for new sheds on HwDAA plots • 6’x4’ or equivalent dimensions • Ideally with a ‘pent’ roof • Must be erected on a stable base (concrete blocks or slabs) and raised to prevent damp ingress • Fitted with guttering and a suitable container for rainwater collection • Given a coat of suitable timber preservative once erected, regardless of its construction • HwDAA preferred suppliers: Fountain Timber Products, Brockley Coombe; or Bendry Bros, Bath Road, Warmley. Sheds produced by both companies are of high quality and are made on the premises using fully- treated timber.
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