Structure Application
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A pent roofed shed available from Fountain Timber - we recommend these.
Permission   must   be   obtained    before   the   erection   of   *any   structure   on   allotment   gardens   in order   to   comply   with   the   Ground   Lease   from   Bristol   City   Council.   This   fact   is   included   in   the Tenancy Agreement.   Structures   must   be   appropriate   for   an   allotment   garden   and   for   the   plot size,   and   maintained   in   a   neat   and   good   condition.   They   should   be   sectional   and   easily disassembled   for   removal   so   that   the   site   can   be   quickly   restored   as   cultivatable   ground.     They   should   be   placed   on   removable   foundations   such   as   pre-cast   concrete   paving   or   blocks or railway sleepers. Gutters or other suitable method of collecting rainwater from the structure must be provided - this is a mandatory requirement. Please liaise with neighbours and the Site Representative before making application. To apply, please print off this form, and complete it.
Want to put up a shed or greenhouse?  Some simple rules:
When you have completed the form please pass it to your Site Representative who, all being well, will submit it to the committee at the next meeting. * Includes larger polytunnels - please check with your site rep if permission is required.